September Podcast

We have decided to do this podcast after our recent trip to London Zoo.

We chose the poem, “What of the hunting, hunter bold”, by Rudyard Kipling from the original collection of tales, “The Jungle Book”.

The poem tells the sad tale of two hunters meeting after an unsuccessful hunt.

The poem was set to music created by the children themselves using Apple’s Garageband software.

Worlds End Podcasts 003 – An interview with Ricky Rayment

The former TOWIE star came along to the World End to face a grilling from some of the local youth. Ricky talks about TOWIE and keeping in contact with his old cast mates.

He discusses the perils of live theatre, all of the various creative and business projects that he is currently involved with, how his love of pets took him all the way to Romania for charity and he even revisits his school days.