Get Involved

The Big Local project is a major initiative empowering residents to make their communities and areas even better places in which to live.

The residents of the World’s End and Lots Road have been given £1,000,000 over the next 10 years to improve our home and community. What happens to that money and how the area benefits is up to us.
That means that it is no longer a question of “what can we get for the money?” Instead it is a question of “What can we do with the money?”
There are three ways in which any member of the community can become involved with the project:

  • Become a partner
  • Run or help with a local project
  • Become a volunteer

Becoming a Partner

The partnership meets once a month. Their role is to guide the project through from it’s origins to completion. They decide on which areas to improve (having consulted the residents), they allocate budgets and resources to existing projects and they consider proposed projects for approval. You do not need any formal qualifications or experience to become a partner. All you need to be is a lcoal resident with an interest in making the area a better place to live.

Run or help with a local project

There are three types of project currently employed by the World’s End and Lots Road Big Local in order to achieve it’s goals. Partnerhsip Projects, Stakeholder Projects and Small Grant-based projects.
Of these three types, two can only work with the active participation of local residents. Partnership Projects, which will be devised and implemented by the WE&LR Big Local Partnership itself, need ridents to get involved. But the most effective way that residents can help is through the Small Grant-based Projects. These projects will be instigated and implemented by the residents themselves. The Big local will provide a small grant application scheme whereby residents can put forward ideas for projects that meet our objectives. The Partnership and the oprational staff will be there to help residents complete these projects.

Become a Volunteer

Even if you do not want to get involved in the Partnership itself or in any of our current or future projects, volunteering is still an option. So far people have volunteered to deliver leaflets, set up stands for events and parties, provide research, help with the website, and many other activities where an extra pair of hands is always appreciated.
If you want to get involved or just want to find out more about what we are doing and how it will help to improve the World’s End and Lots Road Big Local area, email our Co-ordinator,