Locally Trusted Organisation

Worlds End and Lots Road Big Local are in the process of looking for an (LTO).

If you are a local charity within RBKC and may be interested, please contact  vanessa@welr.org.uk

The Locally Trusted Partner Organisation

A Locally Trusted Partner Organisation (LTO) is the organisation chosen by the WELR partnership to administer and account for the distribution of funds and employ staff on behalf of the Big Local partnership. This is necessary because the Partnership doesn’t exist as a legal entity and cannot receive, administer and account for funding. This is why The Local Trust asks Partnerships to work with organisations which they trust, that have the appropriate skills and structures in place to undertake these activities on the Partnership’s behalf.
Ultimately, the locally trusted organisation is both legally and financially responsible for the funding. The Local Trust expects all locally trusted organisations to follow or develop their own financial processes and controls and meet the requirements of our terms and conditions of funding as set out in the agreement with the Local Trust.

As a minimum each locally trusted organisation must be able to:

  • Receive and administer funding on behalf of the Big Local partnership, and in line with the Big Local plan and funding agreement
  • Report on the use of funding to the Partnership and to the Local Trust
  • Have a good working relationship with the Staff, the Partnership, the Local Trust, and with the Big Local rep (Representative of the Local Trust Charity)
  • Pass due diligence checks which includes being suitably experienced, constituted and able to keep accurate financial records of how the money is being spent
  • Agree and sign the Local Trust funding agreement.

Additionally, the WELR Locally trusted partner organisation must be able to:

  • Employ staff (Existing staff should have the option to continue on their current contract format or sign a new contract with the new LTO – TUPE regulations will be distributed to shortlisted candidates)
  • Hold the lease for The Big Local Hub
  • Provide insurance, (Public liability, contents, etc…)

The WELR Partnership has made the decision to look for its LTO within the Charity sector, therefore local businesses (which do not hold charitable status) will not be included in the tender. Furthermore, any potential LTO will be excluded from entering the process if there is a potential conflict of interest