Ashbourne College

Ashbourne is one of London’s best private sixth form colleges. We have many strengths but three which stand out are:

  • Exam success
  • Individual attention
  • Spectacular location

Exam success

Ashbourne’s students’ A level exam results are consistently in the top five if not top three among similar private sixth form colleges in and around London. There are many reasons for this success but most of the credit belongs to our wonderful students without whose ability and devotion to hard work we would not enjoy such an achievement.

Individual attention

This has many aspects at Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College but begins with the engagement of teachers and students in tutorial style classes (rarely exceeding 10 in one group). Not only do these classes promote an ideal learning experience but they also permit more assessment through homework. To us independent work accomplished outside the class is the key to the success of any school or college.

Superb location

Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College is fortunate to be situated in one of the most beautiful areas of London next to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. This setting is ideal in itself but also offers students the chance to access easily the many cultural attractions of the city. This is of particular importance to our scholars of the arts, media and performing arts.