Bevington Primary School

We know that Bevington is one of the best schools in Kensington and Chelsea because we can achieve anything we set our mind to.
Our school community builds intelligent, confident pupils who flourish in an open, welcoming and stimulating learning environment. We have high expectations and strive to ensure that every child feels like they belong. We deliver an exciting curriculum. Pupils excel across all subjects, especially in languages, music and drama. They demonstrate outstanding sporting achievement. Pupils feel safe and secure and emotionally ready for what life might bring. Pupils are always polite, helpful and ready to become socially active citizens.
Our school works because we value respect, positivity and humour. We communicate openly between pupils, staff and parents and share our expertise as part of local and national networks. We are always open-minded. We see everything as an opportunity and we value our unique, diverse children and families.
Our school is different because we attract children from all walks of life and cultures, who all get the best start in life. Our school is truly and international school – and we compete on an international level.
We are proud to bring something really special to the Golborne Road community and we love it here.