Chelsea Open Air Nursery School(SEN)

Our Ethos
A healthy opening to education – Open Hearts and Open minds at Chelsea open Air. The Nursery School offers a full range of services that meet the needs of children and their families, building upon the historical strengths of the Nursery School.

Our Values

We understand that children learn everywhere; we support each child to become lifelong independent learners through play that is free flow, allows risk taking, experimentation, awe and wonder in a fun, colourful and creative environment.
We provide a challenging learning environment that allows children to thrive with dignity and respect, with a love and understanding of their own and others spiritual and cultural beliefs.
We work in collaboration, valuing and celebrating the team’s wealth of experience and diversity to successfully deliver the ethos of Chelsea Open Air.
We are pioneering, regularly challenging what already exists, forward thinking, breaking down boundaries and stereotypes.