Kensington Primary Academy

Kensington Primary Academy has been set up by the same charitable trust that set up the West London Free School Secondary, West London Free School Primary and Earls Court Free School Primary.

The secondary is one of the most over-subscribed schools in England, with 10 applicants for every place, and the two primaries are among the most over-subscribed primaries in West London.  The curriculum in all three schools is inspired by the work of E.D. Hirsch, an American educationalist who believes all children should leave school with a core body of knowledge.  KPA opens in September 2016 with one Reception class of 30 children and will increase year group by year group, until it has a full complement of children by 2022.
Kensington Primary Academy is like an old-fashioned prep school, with the emphasis on academic attainment. In due course, it will have many more specialist teachers than a typical state primary, with more than half the lessons being delivered by subject specialists as pupils progress through the school.