NHS West London Clinical Commission Group(SEN)

For fast access to health advice, emergency contraception and treatment or minor ailments, infections, or injuries such as cuts, strains, sprains and broken bones, use a walk-in centre. Some are open from 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year. Minor injuries units are there for the treatment of such things as cuts, sprains, minor burns or broken bones. When you feel unwell you should seek advice and treatment from your pharmacist. If your pharmacist can’t help, make an appointment with your GP. Your GP or practice nurse will consult with you, assess your symptoms, and discuss with you the best options for your care.
If your condition is not urgent then you should expect to have an appointment with a GP within two working days. Routine appointments can be booked in advance at a time and date suitable to you. If you think you need more than 10 minutes to discuss your health with your GP, you should ask to book a longer appointment. When you feel unwell but don’t need to see a GP or nurse, visit your local pharmacy. As well as dispensing prescriptions and selling over the counter medicines, your pharmacy or chemist has a lot more to offer.
Pharmacies can provide advice and treatment for minor ailments without prescription, health and lifestyle advice, and direct you to other sources of support, advice or treatment. Some pharmacies provide a free NHS Health Check for people aged 40-74. For emergencies, some GPs have walk-in surgeries. And when your GP surgery is closed their out of hours GP service is there for you. Call your surgery to be redirected to the out of hours service.