Opium Antiques Shop

Since opening her shop in 1999, Tracy Kitching has travelled to India twice a year to source the unique treasures to be found at Opium and to design her collection of beautiful semi-precious jewellery.
Tracy spends 5 weeks putting together each shipment, seeking out architectural antiques, colonial & tribal furniture, rare Tibetan tiger & dragon doors, decorative carvings and sculpture. This can include significant pieces such as palace doors from Rajasthan; stunning carved doorway mirrors; 18th century sandstone jalis; Tibetan doors; colonial beds from Calcutta & planters furniture from Kerala.
The beautiful and sometimes idiosyncratic Sculpture sourced for the store includes sandstone statues of the Buddha; Ganesha and other Hindu Deities; marble Jain Buddhas in deep meditative pose and antique Elephants, Horses & Nandi Bulls in stone, marble and teak.
Other popular antique finds include colonial porcelain doorknobs; old spice boxes; Laxshmi temple oil lamps for wealth & luck & golden Tibetan ‘singing’ bowls. Tracy also designs a cushion range for the shop using antique tribal mirrorwork textiles from Gujarat and vintage embroidered pieces from Pakistan.  She re-works the textiles with vintage French linen.  Each cushion is a unique piece.