St Anne's & Avondale Park Nursery School

Both our schools have long and proud histories in serving our communities and both schools have enjoyed success in recent years: St Anne’s Nursery School is graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and Avondale Park School is graded ‘Good’.

Our Federation was established in September 2014 with a clear vision of raising aspirations, developing a strong community and securing high levels of achievement in each school. The Federation prides itself on providing a friendly, caring, family environment within which children can flourish. We offer children the best learning environments, the best staff and the best support to enable every child to reach their potential.
We aim that we can work better together in the following ways:

  • Staff work together – improving practice and developing partnerships
  • Children work together – improving learning and building relationships
  • Leadership works together – improving opportunities and outcomes for children
  • Our budgets are brought together – improving resources and best value