WELR music Café session

We will be introducing social music sessions soon.
The sessions are based on the SMART ethos that music can be a helpful and therapeutic means of communication, interaction and expression.

People are encouraged to meet and socialise together, sharing music, singing solos if you wish or just listen and enjoy a good cup of coffee and cake! We have a variety of instruments including a keyboard and percussion. The ethos is one of inclusivity, so it doesn’t matter whether you can play an instrument or not, and there is no judgement on skill as such, we operate a culture of encouraging everyone to engage in music, and to try singing or playing if they want to.
The Big Local SMART music cafe is an opportunity for you to meet with others in a relaxed session where making and sharing music is the aim. No pressure to sing or perform! However, we do encourage everyone to try it – come along, listen, see what’s going on, enjoy coffee and cake, meet new people, try something new.
Benefits of coming to Big Local SMART music:-

  1. Opportunity for socialising in a supportive, relaxed environment
  2. Meet new people in an informal setting
  3. Opportunity to use music and lyrics to express feelings and/or share emotions
  4. Opportunity to perform music/play with other musicians
  5. Opportunity to sing with others